International Stammering Awareness Day

International Stuttering Awareness Day is right around the corner on October 22nd, and we have several ways to help you raise awareness, all at little or no cost to you. We hope that you will join us in spreading awareness, and then let us know how you got the word out in your community!

  • Stuttering is a disruption in speech pattern involving disruptions, or dysfluencies, in a person’s speech, but there are nearly as many ways to stutter as there are people who stutter. Read more on our What Is Stuttering? page.
  • There are lots of Myths About Stuttering out there, including the notion that it can be cured. Get the facts about stuttering!
  • Whether you are a person who stutters, the family member or friend of a PWS, or just someone who has a special interest in stuttering, we are here to connect you to information, others who stutter, and SLPs (Speech Language Pathologists) who specialize in stuttering. Get started by checking out our Who We Help page.
  • We offer free, informative printable PDF pamphlets for a wide variety of persons who interact with persons who stutter, including employers, parents, medical professionals, and general listeners. Read and print your free Informational Pamphlets today!
  • The NSA operates an extensive network of online resources in addition to our website, such as our Facebook pageTwitter, and Instagram, as well as in-person, Local Chapter Meetings around the US to provide information and to connect those who stutter and other interested persons.
  • The National Stuttering Association is a non-profit organization – the largest in the world – started in 1977, dedicated to bringing hope and empowerment to children and adults who stutter, their families, and professionals through support, education, advocacy, and research. Our organization is largely volunteer run and member-donation funded.

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