Dyslexia Awareness Week 2022

Dyslexia Week 2023 is 2nd October – 8th October. During dyslexia awareness week, hold a dyslexia day at your primary school.

You may be a teacher, teaching assistant, member of the PTA, or parent of a dyslexic child. And you want to educate the school children about dyslexia.

A dyslexia awareness day can be a great way to help school children understand what is dyslexia. To learn that having dyslexia can be a good thing.

Use the day to show that dyslexic children can be really good things other than reading and writing. Such as being creative and problem solving. Talking about how these skills can make dyslexic children good at jobs. Such as being a designers and scientists.

Unfortunately many myths still surround dyslexia. Dyslexic children often struggle in class, as they find it harder to read and write. This can affect their confidence and make them vulnerable to bullying. Other children may label them stupid or thick, not understanding this hidden disability

A dyslexia awareness day can help boost the confidence of dyslexic children. Help other children understand dyslexia, learning that it can be a superpower. Assisting to break down prejudices surrounding this often misunderstood disability.

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