Celebrating Neurodiversity


In honour of Autistic Pride Day on 18 June, we are delighted to invite you to our free webinar, ‘Celebrating Neurodiversity: Why Employers Should Foster Neuroinclusive Workplaces.’ Join us as we delve into the key barriers to neurodiversity in the workplace and explore how employers can better understand and support Neurodifferences and ultimately foster a truly Neuroinclusive environment where all employees can flourish.

The webinar will be hosted by Medigold Health’s Disability Training & Consultancy Specialists, Kath Wood and Alice Gibson, and Operations Manager (BBC Access & Disability Services) Helen MacMillan. During the session we’ll be discussing: · What neurodiversity is and its significance within the workplace · The strengths and challenges associated with various neurodevelopmental conditions, with a particular focus on autism · The practical adjustments that can greatly assist neurodivergent individuals in achieving success at work and the potential benefits of implementing workplace adjustment programmes

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