Bike Week – 5th June – 11th June 2023

Get involved with Bike Week 2023

This year Bike Week is all about cycling to work, and we want to encourage as many workplaces as possible to support their staff to ride during the week, it can be anything from organising a ride to simply encouraging staff to cycle to work during the week.

Cycling UK will also be setting special challenges as part of the Bike Week 100 year birthday celebrations, will you give any of them a try?

Organisations can play a huge part in freeing the streets of congestion and ensuring the air we breathe is clean. Let’s help your staff dust off their old bike, head out for some exercise. The bike can give everyone freedom, freedom to choose how to travel and how to live their lives better and healthier.

So, this Bike Week, from 5-11 June, let’s really celebrate cycling. It’s our chance to all come together and tell the UK that cycling is the answer, the answer to many questions – how can we help ourselves, our community, our county and our planet.

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